Miniture Harpsichord.

Bamboo instrument.Harpsichord 4.

Virginal Harpsichord 3.

LawrenceLeithVirginalWebVirginal 2.
“I have received the virginal thank you I am so please with it. It is brilliant – the best I have ever played.
The construction is very good quality indeed.” Stefan Piotrowicz

Glockenspiel Box.


LawrenceLeith1Gong Kemodong.

Ceramic Udu 1, 2 & 3.


LawrenceHurdyGurdy1Hurdy Gurdy (work in Progress)

 Quadruple Fretted Clavichord (Work in Progress).

gongLLGong trail in the Forest for Eden Arts commission instillation in the grounds of Hutton in the Forest Historic House.


LawrenceLeith4Gamelan orchestra used in workshops.

LawrenceLeith1Virginal 1.

Picture 273Ceramic Flutes.


Fluteslawrenceocc Ceramic Ocarinaslawrenceocc2
Trompong Gongs